thedictator (thedictator) wrote,

It's been forever, I know, but this needs to be posted.

"friend" (11:33:09 PM): yeah i always forget out awkward male peeing situations are
"friend" (11:33:21 PM): forget how*
me(11:34:08 PM): well
me(11:34:19 PM): i honestly wouldn't have reallly cared if it weren't
me(11:34:20 PM): the crush
me(11:34:21 PM): and as it is
me(11:34:23 PM): i don't really care.
me(11:34:26 PM): but
me(11:34:27 PM): yeah
me(11:34:28 PM): weirrrd.
me(11:34:31 PM): i mean
me(11:34:34 PM): why male peeing situations?
me(11:34:51 PM): would you not be like wwwwwwwwwwwtf if you were mid-squat and your secret crush walked in on you?
"friend" (11:34:57 PM): because you're standing up and not very sheltered?
"friend" (11:35:05 PM): but i'm in a little locked cubicle
"friend" (11:35:09 PM): you're just there
me(11:36:18 PM): no.
me(11:36:22 PM): it wasn't a public restroom
me(11:36:33 PM): so this is like
me(11:36:37 PM): someone walking into your stall.
"friend" (11:36:40 PM): what?!?!
me(11:36:46 PM): lol
"friend" (11:36:56 PM): oh man thats waayy bad news  :(
me(11:36:59 PM): i almost peed on him when he walked in
me(11:37:01 PM): because i jumped a fut.
me(11:37:02 PM): foot.
me(11:37:06 PM): what a weird way to spell foot.
me(11:37:06 PM): anyway.
me(11:37:07 PM): lol
"friend" (11:37:08 PM): hahahaha
me(11:37:09 PM): i didn't.
"friend" (11:37:11 PM): aww.
me(11:37:15 PM): because he didn't make it all the way in.
me(11:37:23 PM): he actually didn't really make it in at all
me(11:37:25 PM): just opened the door.
me(11:37:25 PM): lol
"friend" (11:38:13 PM): man o man
me(11:39:08 PM): yes.
me(11:39:20 PM): i like kicked it closed in his face
me(11:39:20 PM): lol
me(11:39:27 PM): before i even saw his face.
me(11:39:31 PM): so really likely, i doubt he saw anything.
"friend" (11:39:39 PM): i can see all of this happening in my mind
me(11:40:37 PM): luckily my bladder has strong reflexes
me(11:40:40 PM): and i stopped peeing in the panic.
"friend" (11:40:43 PM): luckily!
me(11:40:46 PM): yeah.
me(11:40:50 PM): anyway.
"friend" (11:40:56 PM): anyway
me(11:41:02 PM): i think i saw the sign for TMI about 5 miles back...
"friend" (11:41:22 PM): hahaa, i knocked it down with my car its all good
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