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! [15 Oct 2015|12:11am]
holy shit this still exists.

[11 Dec 2007|11:49pm]
It's been forever, I know, but this needs to be posted.

"friend" (11:33:09 PM): yeah i always forget out awkward male peeing situations are
"friend" (11:33:21 PM): forget how*
me(11:34:08 PM): well
me(11:34:19 PM): i honestly wouldn't have reallly cared if it weren't
me(11:34:20 PM): the crush
me(11:34:21 PM): and as it is
me(11:34:23 PM): i don't really care.
me(11:34:26 PM): but
me(11:34:27 PM): yeah
me(11:34:28 PM): weirrrd.
me(11:34:31 PM): i mean
me(11:34:34 PM): why male peeing situations?
me(11:34:51 PM): would you not be like wwwwwwwwwwwtf if you were mid-squat and your secret crush walked in on you?
"friend" (11:34:57 PM): because you're standing up and not very sheltered?
"friend" (11:35:05 PM): but i'm in a little locked cubicle
"friend" (11:35:09 PM): you're just there
me(11:36:18 PM): no.
me(11:36:22 PM): it wasn't a public restroom
me(11:36:33 PM): so this is like
me(11:36:37 PM): someone walking into your stall.
"friend" (11:36:40 PM): what?!?!
me(11:36:46 PM): lol
"friend" (11:36:56 PM): oh man thats waayy bad news  :(
me(11:36:59 PM): i almost peed on him when he walked in
me(11:37:01 PM): because i jumped a fut.
me(11:37:02 PM): foot.
me(11:37:06 PM): what a weird way to spell foot.
me(11:37:06 PM): anyway.
me(11:37:07 PM): lol
"friend" (11:37:08 PM): hahahaha
me(11:37:09 PM): i didn't.
"friend" (11:37:11 PM): aww.
me(11:37:15 PM): because he didn't make it all the way in.
me(11:37:23 PM): he actually didn't really make it in at all
me(11:37:25 PM): just opened the door.
me(11:37:25 PM): lol
"friend" (11:38:13 PM): man o man
me(11:39:08 PM): yes.
me(11:39:20 PM): i like kicked it closed in his face
me(11:39:20 PM): lol
me(11:39:27 PM): before i even saw his face.
me(11:39:31 PM): so really likely, i doubt he saw anything.
"friend" (11:39:39 PM): i can see all of this happening in my mind
me(11:40:37 PM): luckily my bladder has strong reflexes
me(11:40:40 PM): and i stopped peeing in the panic.
"friend" (11:40:43 PM): luckily!
me(11:40:46 PM): yeah.
me(11:40:50 PM): anyway.
"friend" (11:40:56 PM): anyway
me(11:41:02 PM): i think i saw the sign for TMI about 5 miles back...
"friend" (11:41:22 PM): hahaa, i knocked it down with my car its all good
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[20 Oct 2007|11:52am]
oh em gee dumbledore caught teh ghey.

[27 Apr 2007|03:59am]
As of tomorrow, MCY542, Forum and Chamber will be DONE.  As of Saturday, Orch. will be DONE.  As of Monday, Violin will be DONE.  And all I will have left will be to finish my fugue for Counterpoint, and my press kit for Advanced PR Writing/Design.


The end is near :)

[21 Mar 2006|01:11am]
For all the Floridians out there, read me --->

Pass the word along to anyone who might care - thanks.
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[25 Nov 2005|11:30am]
if you were planning on going ---

tonight, 7pm showing, downtown media arts center, balzac and the little chinese seamstress ( for directions).

gutherman is retarded, and responded to my emails to talk about other stuff, but never said if she could or couldn't make it, so i'm thinking she probably can't. anyway, whoever feels like going, go! there's supposedly a little cafe at this place, so i'll probably get there early, grab a bite to eat, get my ticket, and etc. i know it's a small theater, so maybe get there early, or call just to ask what the deal is with tickets. (website above) i'm running late, be back later.
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peeping tom [21 Dec 2004|02:04am]
so, the voyeurism that defines live journal has started to freak me out. things are now

friends only.

if you want to be added, don't be shy. just ask!
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